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I'm a research, measurement, and analytics professional with experience managing projects, vendor interactions, and client-relationships in various industries with a focus in healthcare and technology.

Utilizing a variety of measurement and analytics tools and research methodologies (i.e., quantitative and qualitative research), I have facilitated the creation of award-winning campaigns, the launch of new internal and external initiatives, and counseled Fortune 500 clients on an intelligence approach for developing communication strategies to target diverse audiences. I have specialized experience providing intelligence support to campaigns targeting the U.S. Hispanic population and leveraged my Spanish fluency to uncover insights for Spanish-speaking audiences in international markets.


Industry & Competitive Insights

Gather competitive and industry intelligence to inform marketing and communication strategies via primary or secondary research.

Audience Insights

Discover audience and consumer preferences, needs, and beliefs to create and deliver targeted communication campaigns or launch new programs or intiatives.

Influencer Identification

Find the right influencer based on unique brand and campaign requirements such as content topic, platform presence, audience preferences, brand values, and follower tiers.

Campaign Performance Reporting

Set performance benchmarks to learn valuable insights and trends in earned and owned, traditional and social media across  paid, web, social, and influencer campaigns.


On the never-ending quest to improve the quality of my outcomes, I have managed established intelligence reports while making small yet necessary upgrades to enhance efficiency and the overall performance of supporting analysts. Using strategic and process-oriented thinking, I also have experience building streamlined reporting processes and developing reporting and coding guides for international collaboration.

Intrigued by the unique qualities and talents of each person, as a manager and mentor, I greatly enjoy helping and uplifting others to develop not only their areas of growth, but to continue advancing their core strengths.


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