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Networking Tip #3: Engage Through Your Research

When reaching out, mention something that you found out during your search that caught your attention.

Research can include things that are happening in your new connection’s field, industry, or company.

In terms of current events and trends, there is plenty to research how the pandemic has affected their industry or field. Some new connections might also share, when asked, about how their company is adjusting to the current situation.

Ideally, you want to begin your research focused on the other person. Find out as much as you can about them.

If you are unable to find much about them, then you now have a variety of questions to ask them about their careers and trajectory.

This should be enough for your first connection. If you find more information about your new connection, you can then formulate questions that connect their career to a macro perspective of their field and industry.

However, please remember that flattery can be nice but try not to go overboard as it can come across as ingenuine and a bit off-putting. Most people don't feel comfortable being treated with too much deference. And if they do, that might not be someone that you could build a genuine relationship with.

Keep your mind open about the type of research you do in preparation for an informational interview or to build your network.

Always research and find new ways to engage with your network, this is how you keep the relationship fresh and nurture stronger connections.



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