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University Program Integration into the Canvas Learning Management System

The HACU Student Adelante! Conference and Scholarship Program is in the process of becoming a continuous Cal State LA opportunity for students. Because of my familiarity with the program and Canvas, the Assistant Director of Cal State LA's Career Development Center invited me to the Canvas integration team to assist in the completion of the program launch in Fall 2020.



Accountability Practices in Marketing Analytics for Small Business Consultants

Using the expectance-value theory of motivation, this qualitative research developed a conceptual model for how marketing consultants can best interact with and serve small business owners that have limited marketing knowledge.



Millennial Perceptions of Sustainably Produced Luxury Goods

This quantitative research study of 35 participants sought to discover whether millennials believe that sustainably produced luxury products maintain their luxury status based on the research question: How do millennials react to sustainably produced luxury goods?



Maladaptive Responses to Negative Environments and How to Combat Them

This workshop was presented at the 2019 Mental and Behavioral Health Conference. It introduced participants to techniques and practices that help regulate these four important determinants of mental well-being through hands-on practice. Participants receive handouts defining these factors and describe the methods used to mitigate or stop maladaptive behaviors.



Warriors at Work Podcast Facilitator

As a co-facilitator, I help guide the conversation in the podcast episode about the challenges that Gen Z recent graduates professionals are navigating as they try to launch their careers during the pandemic. This episode is featured on Jeanie Coomber's podcast, Warriors at Work, available on Apple Podcasts.

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